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Custom Order: Baby Feet

Baby Alivia's Baby Feet

Baby Alivia’s Baby Feet

My first custom order. I was very nervous about this one! Lot of foreshortened perspective and detail in the feet wrinkles and blanket. However, it was so much fun and I (and the client) are happy with the way it turned out! I’ve had a lot of interest in custom orders, so if you are interested in a custom order please send your information and picture to:


Baby hands and feet


Time: 5 hours

There are things I want to draw, then there are things I am inspired to draw. This drawing was the latter. This is a first original, completely done without reference. It is actually drawn of my 8 month old. I wanted to remember his chubby legs, hands and feet. I know how quickly the baby stage passes so I enjoyed studying and observing his cute features and documenting them through pencil.

It was way easier to draw than initially anticipated. I took my time with the hands and feat, carefully played Attention to detail ad am pleased with the simplicity of it. Its  unique composition, which made it interesting to draw.

I made sure to work on not overshading. And the whole drawing was done with  2H pencil And the shadows were darkened with a HB.

Baby Feet

Materials: 4H, HB, B, 4B, kneaded eraser

Time: 6.5 hours.

I’ve been sick! So I haven’t done a whole lot of drawing around here. But it’s nice to be back. I’ve been wanting to draw baby feet forever. I dunno why, but I ADORE baby feet, call it a weird fetish or whatev. I have a 5 month old and I can’t get enough of his cute toes and feetsies.<—apologies for the baby talk. I’m pretty excited about the way this one turned out. I purchased a photo on the cheap from a stock photography website and then drew it. This was the first drawing I’ve done from a photograph & it proved to have its challenges. The shading was easy, but getting the realistic detail was the hard part. Hands proved to be very intricate and I definitely look forward to drawing more.

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