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Baby’s Portrait



Materials: 2H, HB, 2B, 4B

This one was really fun to draw. It was time consuming taking about 16 hours. I personally love drawing babies. I think their expressions are so much fun to capture. Overall I’m pleased with the way this one turned out.


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The human eye..take 2

Something about the human eye is so fascinating to draw. Maybe it’s the depth, the glassiness, the mystery, the color or 3D quality, but I’m not sure. It’s said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Eyes tell a story, portray emotions & reveal a lot about a person, so maybe that’s why I find them fascinating. They’re so much more than just a body part, they’re a connection between the physical & the spiritual…and they are just beautiful, no? It’s one of the first things you notice about a person.

Materials: .5 mechanical pencil, HB, 4B & kneaded eraser

I took my time on this one & it took about 4 hours. I wanted get the detail right and achieve better depth & detail than I did in the last eye. I also had my graphite set this time around, so I was able to create a greater contrast by using blacker pencils than the .5 mechanical pencil.

Blending is very important when it comes to shading, and for my last eye drawing, I relied A LOT on blending, this time I used more of the cross hatch technique for shading, and in some areas it’s more obvious than others. I think it’s more controlled than blending, but that’s just personal opinion–blending is better in some scenarios, and I just wanted to play around with both.

This coming week I’m going to be working on hands and feet. Stay tuned!

First Portrait

They say that portraits are one of the hardest things to draw. They also say that when you first start drawing portraits, do NOT draw anybody that you know. Pick random people, people you’ve never seen. I’ve been practicing individual facial features–eyes, noses, lips, teeth, ears–different angles, genders, etc. So…I decided to put them all together & try my hand at my very first portrait. It was SO difficult. There’s proportions, shading, making sure it looks realistic, shadowing, highlights, etc.. all these things have to be precise in order for your portrait to be believable, to make sure the person you are drawing looks human and not alien.

So I bring to you my very first portrait: A fictional 7 year old boy. I used a reference picture of Benjamin (my 3 yr old) to use for angles, shading & proportions, but I changed his nose, chin & face shape to make a distinction between him & my son, Ben.

I’m not sure why there are pinkish red hues in the uploaded pic. I used a flash when I took the picture, so maybe that’s it? I wanted to edit it out, but I didn’t want it to change/edit the drawing either, so i just left it. (should’ve scanned it..grr.)

Materials: 4H, 2H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, kneaded eraser.

I won’t go into full detail of how I drew & shaded everything, because this took me about 7-8 hours spaced out over 3 days. First thing you’ll probably notice is that the hair looks unfinished. That’s because it sort of is. I haven’t learned the technique on how to draw realistic hair (and haven’t practiced at all) so I just kinda did some shading to make due. Though I don’t think it’s the fantastic drawing, I think it’s okay for my first portrait. It was a valuable learning experience–and like I mentioned earlier a lot harder than I had originally thought. I think drawing a real person would be much harder, because since this boy is fictional theres no “real person” to compare him to. But I got a good feel for portraits and that’s what my aim is.

Here’s the reference pic of Ben just for fun so you can see the similarities/differences:

The Mouth.


Materials: .5 Mechanical pencil, 2H, 4B, kneaded eraser

Wow. Mouths are very difficult and teeth even moreso. For this mouth I used an instructors tutorial, and it looks different on the computer than it does on paper. The shaded areas are much more pronounced on the computer screen.. in real life it looks more blended. Anyways, mouths are tricky, if you mess up on the shape, it makes the whole mouth look weird. Plus the shading of the lips, gums, teeth, corners.. all of that has to be very precise to make a mouth look realistic. I drew the shapes with my mechanical and started shading with a 2H. I did lots of blending, worked with a 4B in the darker areas and added details with the mechanical. Whole thing took me about 45 minutes.


Materials: same as above.

For this mouth, I took my “training wheels” off, I guess you can say. I didn’t use a tutorial. This is actually a self-image of my mouth taken with my i-phone, so I used that as my reference picture. I wanted to practice and hone in on the shading and detail and the light source was clearly coming in from the right side. This took me a bit longer, about an hour or so. I think my detail could’ve been done better and perhaps my blending (but again, this looks different in real life than on the computer).  I’ll keep practicing! 🙂


Materials – .5 mechanical pencil, 4B pencil

My pencil kit didn’t get here before I did this drawing, so it was a little difficult and more time consuming to acheive the realistic look of this eye. I followed an instructors tutorial step by step, so I wasn’t free handing it by any means. As detailed as the iris looks, it was very easy. As long as you are patient and take the time to do your layers, it will turn out. This eye took me about 2 hours. Lots of blending, adding detail & highlights and shading. The hardest part were the eyelashes and I can’t say I’m 100% satisfied with the way they turned out. They were the last touch I added and I was very nervous about ruining the whole picture with unrealistic eyelashes. Overall, I’m happy with the shading, though I think the eyelid needs some work. Now that I have my full set of pencils & kneaded eraser, I’m excited to try it out again, hopefully with a better result.

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