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A little bit of color.. “Daylight”




“Daylight” Oil on 24″ X 24″ canvas.

This is a piece I did as a gift when I was about 15 years old. It wasn’t a school project, but something I worked on during my spare time. It took months to complete. Seeing it again makes me miss painting. I feel like if I went back, it’d be like starting at square 1. But boy, oh boy, do I love color!

Before I got back into drawing (last Sept.), my favorite medium was oil. Back in the day (aka High School, lol) I used to paint ALOT. However, after I graduated, I kinda gave up on art altogether. I was so busy, balancing college/work/social life left me with no spare time for my passion.  I tried oil a couple years ago but having 2 young kids, oil is messy and stains everything, and I don’t have any room in my house nor a studio to go paint. And we may or may not have had an incident where my 2 year old got into my oils and stained carpets, couches and clothes. 😉 That is why I draw with pencil/graphite. Less mess. But as the kids get older and my love for art & drawing keeps getting deeper, I would really love to revisit the oils.

Right now I’m working on a drawing that has to do with ballroom dancing 🙂 Hopefully it’ll be finished within a week!

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lamp (1)

{recreated from this stock image}

Materials: HB, 4H

I needed to do something quick and easy after working for a long, long time on that portrait. This took me about 30 mins, and to me its a little obvious I rushed through it. I didn’t take my time to blend or shade and considering its a still life object my edges could’ve been a little sharper and details a little straighter. At least it’s recognizable, no?  The leg of the lamp was all done with a HB & the shade of the lamp was outlined with the HB & shaded with the 4H.  I did use some of the 4H on the bottom as well.


Materials: .5 mechanical pencil, HB pencil, 6B pencil, kneaded eraser

My first attempt at a still life drawing. I decided to go with my cereal bowl spoon. The shading was very difficult on this one. It took me about 3 hours to complete the whole drawing. I’m happy with the way the spoon turned out. I do wish I would’ve adjusted the shape of the bottom of the spoon. I think it could’ve been narrower.

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