My documentation of drawings, sketches & recent artwork

The Mouth.


Materials: .5 Mechanical pencil, 2H, 4B, kneaded eraser

Wow. Mouths are very difficult and teeth even moreso. For this mouth I used an instructors tutorial, and it looks different on the computer than it does on paper. The shaded areas are much more pronounced on the computer screen.. in real life it looks more blended. Anyways, mouths are tricky, if you mess up on the shape, it makes the whole mouth look weird. Plus the shading of the lips, gums, teeth, corners.. all of that has to be very precise to make a mouth look realistic. I drew the shapes with my mechanical and started shading with a 2H. I did lots of blending, worked with a 4B in the darker areas and added details with the mechanical. Whole thing took me about 45 minutes.


Materials: same as above.

For this mouth, I took my “training wheels” off, I guess you can say. I didn’t use a tutorial. This is actually a self-image of my mouth taken with my i-phone, so I used that as my reference picture. I wanted to practice and hone in on the shading and detail and the light source was clearly coming in from the right side. This took me a bit longer, about an hour or so. I think my detail could’ve been done better and perhaps my blending (but again, this looks different in real life than on the computer).  I’ll keep practicing! 🙂


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