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Materials – .5 mechanical pencil, 4B pencil

My pencil kit didn’t get here before I did this drawing, so it was a little difficult and more time consuming to acheive the realistic look of this eye. I followed an instructors tutorial step by step, so I wasn’t free handing it by any means. As detailed as the iris looks, it was very easy. As long as you are patient and take the time to do your layers, it will turn out. This eye took me about 2 hours. Lots of blending, adding detail & highlights and shading. The hardest part were the eyelashes and I can’t say I’m 100% satisfied with the way they turned out. They were the last touch I added and I was very nervous about ruining the whole picture with unrealistic eyelashes. Overall, I’m happy with the shading, though I think the eyelid needs some work. Now that I have my full set of pencils & kneaded eraser, I’m excited to try it out again, hopefully with a better result.


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2 thoughts on “Eye

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  2. When drawing the bottom lashes, try using short, quick flicks of your pencil. That creates a more ‘real’ look to the lash. Second, if this was my drawing, I’d try making the lashes more ‘clumped’ instead of individual hairs. (you did that on the top lid, but I’d do it even more to avoid the ‘spider leg’ appearance.)

    Did you use a stencil for the iris? To make an eye look real, I read that you have to make the circle perfectly round.

    I’ve been working on drawing eyes a lot lately, so those are my thoughts. This is really neat! 😀

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